2014 Podcasts

2014 Podcasts


Grace: A New Order—Part 2

Grace: A New Order—Part 1

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 4

God, The Good Father

Ian’s First Benediction

Taking Risks For The Lord

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 3

Launching Out Into The Deep

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 2

Stories from the Congo

Principles of Love

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 1

How to Study the Bible—Part 3

How to Study the Bible—Part 2

Faith Of Our Fathers: Ruth

How to Study the Bible—Part 1

Faith of Our Fathers: Joseph

Faith of Our Fathers: Job

Sharp Right Turns

Faith of Our Fathers: Abraham—Part 2

Faith of Our Fathers: Abraham—Part 1

Faith of Our Fathers series: Noah


Launching Lolo + Enoch


Seeking Justice

Paul and His Sacrifice of Faith

Adam, Cain and Abel

Faith of Our Fathers


What’s it all about? – Haiti

Five Sermons

Easter in the Old Testament

Suffering & Death

Casting Off Other Burdens

Increasing in Favor with God and Man

Lessons Learned

How God’s Word Lightens Our Burdens

The Holy Spirit



Finding Your Own Armor

Psalm 65—A Year of Blessing

Road Less Taken & Impossibilities


Entering the Narrow Gate

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