2014 Podcasts

2014 Podcasts


Grace: A New Order—Part 2

Grace: A New Order—Part 1

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 4

God, The Good Father

Ian’s First Benediction

Taking Risks For The Lord

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 3

Launching Out Into The Deep

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 2

Stories from the Congo

Principles of Love

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 1

How to Study the Bible—Part 3

How to Study the Bible—Part 2

Faith Of Our Fathers: Ruth

How to Study the Bible—Part 1

Faith of Our Fathers: Joseph

Faith of Our Fathers: Job

Sharp Right Turns


Launching Lolo + Enoch


Seeking Justice

Adam, Cain and Abel

Faith of Our Fathers


Five Sermons

Easter in the Old Testament

Suffering & Death

Casting Off Other Burdens

Lessons Learned

The Holy Spirit



Finding Your Own Armor

Psalm 65—A Year of Blessing

Road Less Taken & Impossibilities


Entering the Narrow Gate

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