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On This Rock!


Jesus the King

Being Jesus to Others

A House Divided – Part 2

A House Divided – Part 1

Live Well, End Well

How’s Your Soil?

Parable of the Four Soils

The Lord is My Shepherd

Hope is Greater Than Doubt

Taking the Leap – Trusting God

Jesus, The Good Shepherd

Election 2016: Who is On Your Throne?

Act Boldly and Without Hindrance (Acts 27-28)

The Court of Festus: The Gospel on Trial

Speaking Truth to Powers (Acts 21-23)

Lighthouse Sunday

Bridging the Divide

Acts 17: Paul and Silas in Thessalonica

Acts 16: Paul and Silas, Mission 2.0

A Time To Act

Acts 14: Mission Complete

Acts 13: Mission Possible Part II

Acts 13: Paul & Barnabas: Mission Possible

Peter and the Great Escape

Resurrection Sunday 2016

Acts 9: Aeneas & Tabitha Arise

Acts 9: The Road to Damascus

Acts 8: To the Ends of the Earth

Acts 7: The Christmas Story


Acts 3 & 4: Peter & John Bring it!-Part 1

Acts 2: Pentecost—Birth of the Church

Acts 1: The Ascension


Overcoming Fear—Part 2

Overcoming Fear—Part 1

How Then Shall We Give—Part 5

How Then Shall We Give—Part 3

How Then Shall We Give—Part 4

How Then Shall We Give—Part 2

How Then Shall We Give—Part 1

The Incarnational Church—Part 3

The Incarnational Church—Part 2

The Incarnational Church—Part 1


Handling Disappointment

Faith Over Fear

Rise of the Nones—Part 3

Rise of the Nones—Part 2

Rise of the Nones—Part 1

TLF 2015 Vision—Part 3

TLF 2015 Vision—Part 2

TLF 2015 Vision—Part 1

Grace: A New Order—Part 2

Grace: A New Order—Part 1

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 4

Taking Risks For The Lord

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 3

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 2

Principles of Love

Fireproofing Your Marriage—Part 1

Faith Of Our Fathers: Ruth

Faith of Our Fathers: Joseph

Faith of Our Fathers: Job

Faith of Our Fathers: Abraham—Part 2

Faith of Our Fathers: Abraham—Part 1

Faith of Our Fathers series: Noah

Launching Lolo + Enoch

Seeking Justice

Adam, Cain and Abel

Faith of Our Fathers

Easter in the Old Testament

Road Less Taken & Impossibilities

Christmas as Adoption

The Sabbath: Eternity in a Day

Heather Olowski Installation

Being Levi & Testimonies

How Then Shall We Live—Part 1

Our Relationship to Gomer

Our Missional Focus

Easter Sunday 2013

The Lord’s Promises and Dreams

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Radio Interview

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Joshua & The Walls


Holy Spirit 101

Gifts for Jesus

On Giving–Part 2

On Giving–Part 1

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What’s Driving You?

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Needs Title 3-13-11

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Revelation Chapter 3

Is Jesus Enough?

How Do We Know God Is Speaking To Us?

He Who Has Ears—Part 3

He Who Has Ears—Part 2

He Who Has Ears—Part 1


Steve’s Launch

Vision for Ethiopia

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