We strive to release people into increasing opportunities for ministry leadership. We launch people into the unique role God has given them in advancing His Kingdom, equipping and encouraging them to do the same for others. We help transform normal people into spiritual champions!

Here are some people we’ve launched into ministry:

Ian and Melanie were sent to plant a church in Germantown, MD.


Ian & Mel“My wife Melanie and I started out at the Lighthouse Fellowship (then known as Mount Vernon Foursquare Fellowship) in 2009 as very broken and battered people. I was jobless, we were going through horrific medical troubles, and we just found out we couldn’t have kids. However, over the years, God mended our brokenness through the love, friendship, and discipleship from Pastors Niki and Kelly and the church leadership team. They supported us in our (successful!) adoption process and we formed many lifelong friendships in the church family. We are now fully licensed Foursquare pastors and are in the process of church planting in Maryland. But none of this would have happened without Niki, Kelly, and the folks at The Lighthouse Fellowship. They will always hold a very special place in our hearts.”

Steve and Kristen created the youth sports camp ministry Gifted.


Surell Family“I’ll be eternally grateful for the personal investment and endless encouragement we were given by the lighthouse church. I’ll never forget the assignment of writing what the next 4-5 years of my life would look like if I trusted the plan God had placed on my heart. It was literally life changing. This was a pivotal moment in starting “Gifted DC”. The beautiful thing about TLC is they don’t launch you and leave you, they’re there to help
you regroup and re-launch you if you need it!”

Forever blessed,

Steve Surell
Founder Gifted D.C.

Stephen started the Bar Church in Washington, D.C.


Stephen Norberg




Jenn is a missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Jenn in the CongoRead Jenn’s blog.

 Heather pastors The Lighthouse Church in Columbia, MD.


Heather & Lew Olowski





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