This is Discipling

In order to accomplish our vision, we focus on building up and equipping servant-leaders who become reservoirs in themselves from whom rivers of living water flow to resource God’s Kingdom and bring revival. Our strategy can summed be up in four stages of discipleship and development: Love • Liberate • Lead • Launch

Love must be the foundation to everything we do. Without it, none of what we invest in people will have lasting impact or bear lasting fruit. So, when people first join our church, we focus simply on loving them. As they become a part of our community, love remains our focus but we also begin to build on that foundation. As we get to know them, we identify their giftings, help them discover who they are in Christ, and then help them (and equip them) to live out who God has created them to be. We also help them identify areas in their lives in which they need to experience freedom, places of bondage that are keeping them “stuck” and are preventing them from moving forward in their unique servant-leader callings (e.g., lies they’ve come to believe, areas of addiction, places of unforgiveness, struggles with fear or doubt, etc.). Finally, when they’re ready, we launch them into a place of ministry or servant-leadership that is a reflection and overflow of at least one aspect of their God-given identity.

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