Prayer for Marriages

A Prayer for Marriages

By Kelly Tshibaka

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I praise You Jesus that You are Light and Life; You are our Helper, Healer, and Lord of the Armies. I ask for the protection of Your blood over us. In the Name of Jesus, I bind the spirits of earth, air, water, fire, the netherworld, and satanic forces of nature, and I command you not to block my prayers.

Lord, please forgive me for ___. Lord, I forgive SPOUSE for ___. Please help us to communicate well (You are the Word), to forgive like You do, and to persevere. I clothe him/her, KIDS, and myself in the armor of God (the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, girdle of truth, sandals of peace, sword of the spirit, and shield of faith).

In the Name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His blood and His cross, I rebuke depression, despair, and divorce. I bind these spirits, and the spirits of rebellion, independence, and bitterness that are attacking, afflicting, and oppressing SPOUSE. I command you to depart and go straight to Jesus Christ for Him to deal with you as He will. I cancel your assignments against us in Jesus’ name, and I declare them null and void. You have no portion, right, inheritance or claim here. Be gone, in Jesus’ name!

I speak to our marriage and I say, “Be full of light, life, and joy, in Jesus’ name.” I speak to our intimacy and I say, “Be full of trust, joy, intimacy, and all God designed in Jesus’ name.” I speak to SPOUSE’S mind and heart and say, “Be full of light, life, trust, and hope, in Jesus’ name!”

Holy Spirit, I ask that You fill us with peace and love. Fill SPOUSE with light and joy. May s/he trust me again. May s/he know the joy and freedom of submission as You intend it. Lord, we are in need of resurrection — for things that are dead to be brought back to life. I ask You for that. And strengthen me to be the husband/wife You’ve created me to be. Give me hope and endurance during this time. May it delight You to restore what has been lost in our marriage that it may be a testimony to Your greatness, power, and love.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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