What’s New at TheLighthouseFellowship.org

What is this all about?

There are a lot of technical changes going on, and I wanted tell you about some of them today.

Our Web Presence is Growing

A New Way to Communicate

Our weekly announcements and regularly posts will now be posted on our Announcements Page (under the “Connect” menu); from there, they will be emailed to you, and reposted on our Official Facebook and Google pages. So, refer to the one that best fits you. (For now, our use of Twitter is in the works and there will be further information on it later.)

As new visitors/attenders/members filter in, please inform them to subscribe to this mailing list by going to our website and filling out the “Subscribe to TLF” form.

Website Hints

Ever wondered which Lighthouse is setting/cleaning up this week? Rest your mouse over “Sunday Service” on our calendar, and you’ll see who’s turn it is! Keep an eye out, because pretty soon, the Gifted schedule will be posted there too!

Instead of typing, “thelighthousefellowship.org” every time you want to visit our site, type, “tlfva.org”. It will redirect you right to us.

Coming Up

More website hints, hooray!

The Introduction of new Google for Nonprofits (G4NP) features we’ll be instituting.

What about CCB?

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